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With the classical atmosphere, performances, lectures and other events play like a movie scene.

Admission Fee (per hour, tax included)

Rooms for Rent During Evenings Only:17:00〜22:00
Floor Room name Capacity Area Price
1F Yuri 10 25㎡ JPY 500
Fuyo 10 25㎡ JPY 500
2F Susuki to Ominaeshi 10 25㎡ JPY 500
Tsubaki 20 50㎡ JPY 900
Hall (inc. room in front) 80 170㎡ JPY 3,300
Rooms for Full-Day Rent:9:00~22:00
Floor Room name Capacity Area Price
1F Himeyuri (inc. Nema) 7 30㎡ JPY 600
Budo (inc. Nema) 10 36㎡ JPY 720
Lower hall 30 60㎡ JPY 1,200

Equipment for Rent:

With fees: Grand piano (JPY 3,000/use)
Free: Banquet chairs, wooden chairs,
square tables, round tables, simple stage, microphone, wireless microphone,
microphone stand, CD radio-cassette player, pull-down projector screen,
extension reel, projector, wireless sound tuners, wireless amplifiers, mirrors,
coat hangers, information boards, and others


・ For commercial events with entrance fees
 exceeding JPY 600, the usage fee will be
 increased by 50%.

・ Usage fees are charged per hour, even if the usage  time is less than one hour.
・ A separate admission fee must be paid if the venue
 is used during opening hours.
・ High-volume audio equipment is not allowed.

How to Apply:

General applications are done at the location.*Tentative reservations can be made by telephone or fax during business hours.

Applications accepted from six months to one week before use.

TEL 011-211-1951

FAX 011-211-1952

Please affix a seal on the application form before submitting.

Application form download

Click here for the overview leaflet

Rental room leaflet download